Wednesday, January 01, 2020

PocketbikeGP is the Formula 1 and MotoGP of Urban Road Racing. Whether it's Pocketbike Racing, Pit bike Supermoto or Mini Kart Grand Prix racing, Most of our racing classes have unlimited modification rules, so that everyone will have the chance to build the fastest mini vehicles possible using their own personal built creations made from any brand, make or model. PocketbikeGP encourages the innovation of our sport and the creation of new things, so dream it up, build one, and come race it. We allow all brands, makes, & models of any mini race machine, pocket bikes, scooters, supermoto pitbikes & mini dirt bikes, Mini Karts, Mopeds & motorized bikes, etc.
Everyone is welcome to race ages 4 to 104, we have a class for everyone.
For more information: PocketbikeGP (at)

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